MBO GROUP NZ Completes Corporate Acquisition Advisory Transaction for Firstflex Cables

By | March 30, 2016

Auckland, New Zealand

After playing a round of golf at a corporate day with Peter Sewell, a well known private company non-executive director, Mike Bradley, Managing Director of The MBO Group NZ was introduced by Peter to one of his board appointee companies, Firstflex Cables.

Some six months hence, Firstflex Cables completed the acquisition of the Electrex business, with acquisition advisory services provided by The MBO Group NZ.

Here is what Lance Davis had to say about The MBO Group NZ's performance:

Mike Bradley at The MBO Group NZ was great at helping us identify the target businesses to help us grow. Once we had the targets confirmed, Mike was instrumental at engaging these businesses and confirming the willing sellers.

We could then confirm the best fit for our business after reviewing key information about these potential acquisitions. Once we had negotiated the deal, then Mike was very thorough in following up on key dates to complete the purchase.

We felt well supported throughout the process and Mike was there to help at every stage. We look forward to Mike helping us on our next project.

Lance Davis- Managing Director, FIRSTFLEX CABLES

"I was particularly pleased to advise Firstflex Cables on what is proving to be a value-add acquisition to their existing business. Lance, and his team, have proven to be top quality business operators, and I look forward to assisting them further with their growth strategy by acquisition."  Mike Bradley, The MBO Group NZ Ltd.

~About The MBO Group~

We are a boutique advisory firm specializing in assisting three types of “buy side” clients:
• Managers wanting to buy the businesses or divisions that they work for, known as a Management Buyout.
• Entrepreneurs who need help in identifying, contacting, negotiating and financing the purchase of a private company.
• Existing business owners wanting help to grow by acquisitions of other private companies.

We are a team of professionals who have spent our entire careers working beside private company owners and helping them grow their businesses. Our backgrounds as bankers and private equity investors give us a unique ability to guide our clients through the roller coaster ride of buying a company.

We take a long term view. We want clients who appreciate our candour and transparency, take comfort that we are willing to help them find the right business, negotiate the right deal, with a sound financing structure and support the business growth beyond the first acquisition.

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In Their Words

The MBO Group seems to have a unique ability to uncover interesting and worthwhile opportunities in the Canadian private company market. I have had the benefit of working with them in a variety of situations. They have always been able to capture the essence of what makes a project assignment or deal work in a very strategic way that others can embrace. With a rare ability to communicate clarity they are able to efficiently bring individuals as well as groups to understand what it takes to achieve success.


Laurie Tugman

FCA, Former CEO & President, Marsulex Inc.

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