MBO Group Launches Ontario Acquision Search for Dunlis Mechanical Services Ltd.

By | November 1, 2017

 The MBO Group Canada has been given the exclusive mandate to assist Dunlis Mechanical Services Ltd. (DMS) in identifying potential acquisitions in the commercial HVAC sector in Ontario. DMS wants to build on its last 5 years of successful growth and take the next step to becoming the Golden Horseshoe leader in Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance.

Looking to Buy a Commercial HVAC Company

Are you thinking of selling or freeing up your time?

DMS is targeting business owners who are (i) seeking to sell their business for retirement / personal liquidity reasons, or (ii) who have taken their business as far as they can, are looking for an exit vehicle and want some cash now, but who would like to continue working in the industry, with a compatable partner. If you are interested and have the following characteristics, then let’s talk:

• $5.0 MM annual revenues;
• Revenues generated by service business;
• Geographically located in Southern Ontario centred around western GTA and including Port Hope, Barrie, Kitchener / Waterloo, Niagara, Halton and Hamilton;

Why Dunlis Mechanical Services?

• DMS is a successful private company in the GTA with a successful 40 year track record.
• DMS is a growth oriented company that embraces a people culture.
• DMS looks to build your business not tear it apart…your people will be critical to DMS' success.
• DMS has a sister company - Dunford-Liscio (Ontario) Inc. who is in the business of providing HVAC renovations to our commercial, industrial and institutional customers in Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe allowing DMS to provide a full customer service experience.
• DMS is a great group of people who embrace the team approach.

Dunlis Mechanical Services Ltd.
Dunford-Liscio (Ontario) Inc. 

For further information, or to have an exploratory discussion, please contact:

Ross Campbell, Managing Director, The MBO Group Canada

Telephone: 647.271.0956       emial:

Suite 312, 110 Cumberland Street,Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3V5



In Their Words

The MBO Group provided our members with excellent insights into opportunities for C-level executives to buy into smaller businesses as part of a transaction where management buys out the owner of a private business or buys a division of a larger company; takes the business to the next level; and then exits generating a handsome return to the shareholders. [read full testimonial]

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