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For many years we operated as the Canadian division of a large US based publicly listed company and had often talked about how great it would be to buy our division. But we really had no idea how we would go about doing this or if it was even feasible or financeable. We couldn't have done it without The MBO Group and Ross Campbell's giudance, to both me and my management team. Ross worked with me to come up with a price that was acceptable to Head Office and convinced Head Office that they had the necessary financing connections to get the deal done. Ross showed a unique skill in helping pull our management buyout group together, making sure that we understood the challenges and the rewards that we could expect both as we went through the process and afterwards. He became our real "partner" during the process of the buyout. So much so, that I asked Ross to be part of my Advisory Board that helps me both with dealing with our new financial partners and overall strategic issues. I would highly recommend Ross and his firm The MBO Group - he is known and respected by the sources of capital that fund these types of deals and their connections and professionalism proved invaluable to us at ND Graphics.

Mark West

President, ND Graphic (www.NDGraphics.com)

Mike Bradley at The MBO Group NZ was great at helping us identify the target businesses to help us grow. Once we had the targets confirmed, Mike was instrumental at engaging these businesses and confirming the willing sellers.

We could then confirm the best fit for our business after reviewing key information about these potential acquisitions. Once we had negotiated the deal, then Mike was very thorough in following up on key dates to complete the purchase.

We felt well supported throughout the process and Mike was there to help at every stage. We look forward to Mike helping us on our next project.


Lance Davis

Managing Director FIRSTFLEX CABLES

The MBO Group's extensive experience in getting mergers and acquisitions done was demonstrated consistently in presentations that were easy to understand for vendors and accelerated potential deals. Their calm and articulate communication skills enabled solutions for vendor and purchaser alike. They also have broad knowledge of and experience in the finance industry that enhanced our deal doing credibility. Their openness in building trusting relationships made bridge-building with potential vendors a much easier process. I would strongly recommend The MBO Group as financing advisors for those undertaking management buy outs or for those individuals and private companies considering growth through acquisitions.


D. Bruce Cook

Chief Executive Officer, Dunlis Mechanical Services Ltd. & Dunford-Liscio (Ontario) Inc. (www.dunlis.ca) and Energy Jet Inc. (www.energyjet.com)

When I heard The MBO Group had done such a great job helping one of my key suppliers arrange for the managers to buy their business from the US parent – I asked The MBO Group to help me find and buy businesses as part of my expansion. Within 8 months we completed two transactions and another one 4 months later. My business went from large format printing to be able to print 'B to B to B' (Business cards to Books to Bus wraps) overnight. They did a great job and now I have them helping me integrate these businesses and looking to buy the next one. If you are a small or medium sized business – especially if you are in a tough industry – give The MBO Group a call to see if buying your competitors is the best way to grow.


Paul Valdstyn

President, The IDP Group

The MBO Group provided our members with excellent insights into opportunities for C-level executives to buy into smaller businesses as part of a transaction where management buys out the owner of a private business or buys a division of a larger company; takes the business to the next level; and then exits generating a handsome return to the shareholders. This rapidly expanding area of Management Buyouts and Management Buyins, known as 'MBOs' allows C-level executives to leverage their skills and CV's to tap into the wealth generating potential of MBOs with a relatively small personal investment. The presentation was very informative as it opened our eyes to new possibilities. They presented us with case studies as well as educated us on how to finance these opportunities. I would highly recommend The MBO Group as an informative source for other C Suite executives looking to create their own opportunities.


Joe Oswald

Phoenix Executive Network Member

The MBO Group seems to have a unique ability to uncover interesting and worthwhile opportunities in the Canadian private company market. I have had the benefit of working with them in a variety of situations. They have always been able to capture the essence of what makes a project assignment or deal work in a very strategic way that others can embrace. With a rare ability to communicate clarity they are able to efficiently bring individuals as well as groups to understand what it takes to achieve success.

Laurie Tugman

FCA, Former CEO & President, Marsulex Inc.

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