Top 10 Reasons M&A Transactions Implode     (A Lawyer’s Perspective)

Top 10 Reasons M&A Transactions Implode (A Lawyer’s Perspective)

By Karyn Bradley & Vanessa Grant, Gowlings | January 15, 2014

1.   We don’t see eye to eye

  • Use a deal memo: if you can’t write it down, there’s no deal
  • Cover the following: who, what, where, when, why
  • Doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) more than two pages long
  • After you have the initial draft done, get your professional advisors involved

2.   I Don’t Need Advice…

  • Bring on the professional advisors, they really do add value
  • Unless you are a professional advisor yourself, professional advisors have generally seen more transactions than you have
  • They know the right expertise to bring to the table
  • They have specific areas of expertise: finance, industry-specific expertise, subject matter expertise, etc.

3.    I’ve Got a Secret….

  • Don’t disclose too soon: people talk more than you think, particularly if the gossip is good
  • No discussions with anyone until you have a comprehensive NDA in place – your advisor can provide you with a template
  • Plan the employee disclosure process

4.    Not to Worry – I’ve Got the Tax Covered

  • It’s one of the only two certain things …
  • Think about tax early and often
  • Deals can be structured to be tax advantageous to the parties
  • It costs a lot more to do your tax planning later in the transaction, compared to doing it right at the beginning
  • Don’t just concentrate on income tax, but transfer pricing, commodity taxes, import-export duties associated with the business, etc.

5.    Due Diligence. Really?

  • Yes, really
  • It takes longer and costs more than you think
  • Business is complex and competitive
  • A buyer needs to know as much about the sellers’ business as the seller does
  • It can make (well organized, reps look true) or break (a mess, looks like the seller is hiding things) a deal
  • If a seller, use an electronic data room: makes diligence quicker and confidential and you can track who is in the site when and the information that they are most interested in

6.    Skeletons in the Closet

  • Don’t hide them
  • Admit them, explain how they were dealt with
  • If you are a buyer, ask!
  • Trust your instincts – if something does not seem right, there is probably a reason

7.    We’ve Already Agreed on the Business Terms,

       What Else is There to Do?

  • Deals take longer and cost more than you think
  • There are always issues that arise at the last minute

8.    My Shareholders Don’t Like the Deal

  • Make sure you know the legal requirements for approval and the related timing issues well in advance
  • Get people on-side (particularly if a family deal)

9.    Neither Do My Employees and Customers

  • You can’t keep everyone happy: assume that some employees and customers will not like the deal
  • Who are the employees and customers who really matter? What is your plan for the others?
  • Ensure the message is managed in a cooperative way
  • Manage the process to obtain third party consents to the transaction
  • Pay employee bonuses after closing

10.    I’ll Get Around to That After the Deal Closes …

  • For founders/owners: plan your post-closing career long before the deal closes
  • For buyers: ensure your integration team is on board and starting the integration immediately after the purchase agreement is signed before the deal closes (always subject to anti-trust concerns)


Karyn Bradley is the Office Managing Partner in Gowlings' Toronto office. She is a Partner in the Business Law Group and chair of the National Precedents Committee.

Vanessa Grant is a business law partner in Gowlings’ Toronto office. Her practice focuses on corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and private equity.

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