How The MBO Group can help with your Partner Buyout

 The MBO Group helps partners craft the right deal, one that’s a “win win” for both parties.

The MBO Group team has spent their entire careers working with private company entrepreneurs. We understand how difficult and disruptive a partner buyout can be to you, your partners and your business. In the emotionally charged environment of a partner buyout, the clam and professional guidance provided by The MBO Group can be a lifeline to you and your business in helping conclude a successful partner buyout.

The MBO Group helps with:

Deal Facilitation: coming up with the right offer

One of your biggest challenges in approaching a partner buyout is figuring out what you can afford to offer and how you'll finance the buyout.  The MBO Group helps partners craft the right deal, one that’s a “win win” for both parties. Our honest, open and professional approach allows us to have those candid and often difficult discussions with both you and you partner that takes the emotion out of the dialogue and facilitates getting the right deal done.


Deal Financing: helping you get the right financing

The MBO Group works with you to ensure that you have the right blend of financing  - banks, subordinated debt, private equity, vendor payments – that will maximize your personal return on your investment while at the same time making sure that you have the appropriate financing to grow your company to the next level while minimizing your risks.

We’ll work with your existing banker to try to expedite a deal. But we also have knowledge of, and connections with, all the various types of financing that support Partner Buyouts.

In Their Words

Mike Bradley at The MBO Group NZ was great at helping us identify the target businesses to help us grow. Once we had the targets confirmed, Mike was instrumental at engaging these businesses and confirming the willing sellers.

We could then confirm the best fit for our business after reviewing key information about these potential acquisitions. Once we had negotiated the deal, then Mike was very thorough in following up on key dates to complete the purchase.

We felt well supported throughout the process and Mike was there to help at every stage. We look forward to Mike helping us on our next project.

Lance Davis Managing Director  FIRSTFLEX CABLES

Lance Davis

Managing Director FIRSTFLEX CABLES

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